Author: Sheila Weller.

First published on the eve of the trial, the book Was a New York Times bestseller for 7 weeks.

Raging Heart is so revealing that the book itself became part of the actual O.J. Simpson murder trial.

It is the only book to trace the path of O.J. and Nicole’s fatal love story through the eyes of the people who really knew them. Acclaimed journalist Sheila Weller gained the unprecedented cooperation of Nicole Brown Simpson’s family, and had exclusive access to O.J. and Nicole’s friends who reveal private information here for the first time.

Though the story that unfolds in Raging Heart was never fully explored in court, the revelations from its incisive reporting sent shock waves through the trial. Raging Heart is full of explosive information from people who knew, but couldn’t—or wouldn’t—tell their stories on the witness stand.

As vivid as a home movie, Raging Heart is an explicit, heartrending look behind the verdict of the century—and the one book the O.J. Simpson jurors would be astonished to read.

Product Details

Print length: 310 pages
Publisher: Graymalkin Media
Language: English
ISBN (ebook): 9781631680663
ISBN (print): 9781631680670

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“’I’ve had this book since it came out. It’s simply wonderful!!” —Marcia Clark

“The serious national reporters all have a copy of Sheila Weller’s Raging Heart.” —Vogue

“An exhaustive tale of romance, obsession, infidelity, and violence. The most detailed account of the lives of Nicole Brown and O.J Simpson.” —People

“A bombshell book!” —New York Post