The Devil in Connecticut: From the Terrifying Case File that Inspired the Film “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It”

Author: Gerald Brittle From this New York Times bestselling author comes a shocking case of demonic  possession, exorcism, and murder starring the legendary demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, who battled the Amityville Horror and whose real-life case files inspired The Conjuring Universe, which includes The Conjuring, Annabelle, and The Nun films.It was…

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Tower of Lies: What My Eighteen Years of Working With Donald Trump Reveals About Him

Author: Barbara A. Res The Author worked directly with Donald Trump for eighteen years on some of his biggest projects and had nearly unlimited access to him. Trump selected Res to be in charge of construction of Trump Tower, his greatest success as a developer. In this insider’s look at…

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The Greatest: My Own Story

By : Muhammad Ali and Richard Durham

In his own words, the heavyweight champion of the world pulls no punches as he chronicles the battles he faced in and out of the ring in this fascinating memoir edited by Nobel Prize-winning novelist, Toni Morrison.

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Nothing Lasts Forever (Basis For The Film Die Hard)

By : Roderick Thorp

High atop a Los Angeles skyscraper, an office Christmas party turns into a deadly cage-match between a lone New York City cop and a gang of international terrorists. Every action fan knows it could only be the explosive big-screen blockbuster Die Hard.

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The Carroll Shelby Story: Portrayed by Matt Damon in the Hit Film Ford v Ferrari

By Carroll Shelby Carroll Shelby wasn’t born to run. He was born to race some of the fastest cars ever to tear up a speedway.  Carroll Shelby wasn’t born to run. He was born to race some of the fastest cars ever to tear up a speedway. The exciting…

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Landslide: The Unmaking of the President, 1984-1988

Authors: Jane Mayer and Doyle McManus The Explosive Tale of the Unraveling of an American President For six years, Ronald Reagan seemed invincible. But behind the glowing image of success was an administration courting disaster. In this spellbinding book, two top Washington reporters trace the…

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Author: Fauna Hodel The Black Dahlia Murder is near-legend in the annals of true crime. But behind the shocking case of a young actress s gruesome slaying lies the story of another woman. Was Fauna Hodel the child of incest, and the catalyst for a…

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Raging Heart: The Intimate Story of the Tragic Marriage of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson

Author: Sheila Weller. First published on the eve of the trial, the book Was a New York Times bestseller for 7 weeks. Raging Heart is so revealing that the book itself became part of the actual O.J. Simpson murder trial. It is the only book to…

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The Pink Dress

Author: Anne Alexander One of the Most Sought-After Out-of-Print Books Is Now Available Again A hurt leg kept Susan Stevens sidelined at the Halloween dance, and the flu ruled her out of the Christmas ball, but nothing can keep her away from the Peppermint Prom….

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The Pigman

By : Paul Zindel

From Pulitzer Prize-Winner Paul Zindel comes one of the bestselling young adult books of all time. When sophomores John and Lorraine played a practical joke a few months ago on a stranger named Angelo Pignati, they had no idea what they were starting.

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