Author: Walter Wager

The basis for the blckbuster moive “Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis which grossed over $300 million worldwide.

58 Minutes” is every traveler’s secret nightmare. What if you are in an airplane during a violent snowstorm…What if your radar is destroyed…What if they can’t get you down? It is 5:09 p.m. in New York City, and a man named Willi Staub is about to make sure the nightmare explodes into life. His goal: to bring the American government to its knees with the first major terrorist attack on the U.S. mainland. Staub, a ruthless and cunning man hunted by police forces in every major Western country, has led a carefully chosen team of revolutionaries from four continents to New York. Their plan: to hold as many people hostage as possible – in the skies above the city.

Can one policeman stop them before it’s too late?

Product Details

Print Length 255 pages

Publisher: Graymalkin Media

Language: English

Ebook: ISBN 9781935169031 (available now)

Trade paperback: 9781935169192 (coming soon)


“58 Minutes” has enough built-in excitement to carry the day.”  -The New York Times